Make room in your schedule and run to the BIG Business Forum, an event that takes place in parallel to the activities of BIG Festival at Centro Cultural São Paulo!
BIG Festival launches this year its online matchmaking tool!

From May 11 onwards, all interested companies may purchase access to the matchmaking tool for the amount of R$ 450.00 (Brazilian reais) directly through BIG's website.

Show your best at your profile! Other users can see the profiles of those at BIG for business. Preferably, set up your profiles in English, in consideration of the international companies that use the tool.

On June 6 the appointment scheduling function will be enabled and users will be able to set up and accept meetings with national and international players.

About the Matchmaking Tool

Registration is done per company with a R$ 450 (Brazilian reais) fee for each user.

The matchmaking tool automatically generates a Business credential that gives unrestricted access to all activities at BIG: meeting area, lectures, workshops, expo, stands & the coffee area.

The meetings will be held with a support staff, on June 28th, 29th and 30th, from 10AM to 7PM.

The tables will be numbered and will not be fixed by company or buyer but allocated according to availability.

Every meeting slot is 20 minutes long, so do not be late and come prepared to present your project in English and move tables quickly if necessary. The festival does not offer any means of translation assistance for business meetings.

Stay tuned as new companies, buyers and potential partners & investors join every day!

BIG offers a wifi network for use within the festival - it is still recommended that you have the required materials for your presentations & meetings offline as any connection can quickly become temporarily unavailable due to heavy usage or suffer from weaker reception between the thick concrete structure of Centro Cultural São Paulo.

How to Register

Visit the website and click on Register
Step 1: Choose a login email and password.
Step 2: Fill out the profile with your photo, personal information and days you want to be at the festival.
Step 3: Select your company. If you are the first person in your company to register for the tool, you will be responsible for filling out your company data.
Step 4: Choose the method of payment. If you have received a discount coupon, select the Coupon option to use it now.

I already signed up last year

If you have already signed up for a previous edition of BIG Festival’s matchmaking, log in normally and you will be redirected to Step 4, payment methods.
After you make the payment or use the coupon, please access your profile and your company profile and make sure the information is correct.

Any other doubts? Access the page and see our FAQ.