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Logo from BIG Festival 2022
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Smash Mountain Studio

@ BIG Festival 2022 (In-person & online)

Logo for Smash Mountain Studio

Smash Mountain’s vision is to develop high quality cross-platform F2P games for the WEB 3.0 and its future evolutions. Our streamlined and meticulous approach towards every project is built on creativity, partnership and smashing challenges. We compete against ourselves and we fight to keep playing instead of fighting to win. When fighting to win, being only competitive, one will eventually lose. Therefore, a cooperative and growth mindset is adopted to reach our objectives in this globalized world and to follow the infinite learning curve.

In Brazil we have a saying when we refer to doing the impossible; Brazilians say: "we will move mountains".
In our case, we say: "WHY MOVE IF WE CAN SMASH THEM?!!"

We are looking for possible INVESTORS (VC/ANGELS) or PUBLISHERS to partner with our endeavors.

We are NOT looking for services.

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