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Logo from BIG Festival 2019

1 Simple Idea / Cosmogonia

@ Big Festival 2017

Logo for 1 Simple Idea / Cosmogonia

1SI Games and Cosmogonia are the leading game development studios in Guadalajara, Mexico, developing both original IP products and providing specialized services

1SI Games is the game development and digital experiences division of 1SimpleIdea, a leading advertising agency specialyzed in 360 communications strategies that combine social media, animation, art, and interactive web sites. 1SI Games produces games based both on original and third party intellectual property for casual audiences. http://games.1si.mx/

Cosmogonia is studio specialised on the creation of video games, interactive entertainment, Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, and 3D artistic content for international audiences. Comprised of seasoned and talented individuals with know how in both technical and artistic fields, the team has experience working in game development and interactive media projects ranging from mobile interactive applications to full-fledged games for home consoles. http://www.cosmogoniacaotica.com

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