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Widow Games

@ BIG Festival 2019

Logo for Widow Games

Entertainment company specialized in porting classic and famous board games mechanics to digital platforms.
After developing more than 15 games for mobile and web (with +4.5 million downloads), we look for publishers and investors for our most ambitious project: GEOPOLY! An innovative mobile game that blends the technology behind Pokemon GO with the classic game mechanics of the best selling board game Monopoly!

With geo-location and Augmented Reality, plus a real-time connection to the Foursquare platform, we've built a potential WW hit that feels local in every part of the world.

In addition, the game was chosen by Apple Latam as one of the most innovative iOS games in the region as part of the Apple Games Momentum Tour 2019 .

It is available on both mobile platforms in Latam, and in Google´s Early Access in the rest of the world, already translated into English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean.
For more information: www.geopolygame.com

  • Pretty contact email: fakeemail@bigfestival.com.br
  • Phone number: (XX) XXXXX-XXXX
  • Website: http://www.widowgames.com/
  • Country: Argentina

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