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Widow Games

@ BIG Festival 2022 (In-person & online)

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Entertainment company specialized in closing the gap between the physical and the digital worlds.
After developing more than 15 games and with more than 1.5M monthly subscribers, we launched our off/on-chain game: Geopoly.
An innovative mobile game that blends the technology behind Pokemon GO with the Monopoly.
Also it maximizes the power of the Blockchain allowing users to buy those Businesses and properties as NFTs and earn GEO$ Tokens. More info on www.geopoly.io

On this occasion, we are attending the BIG Festival to showcase our upcoming on and off-chain named LIFE'S META: A Game About Adult Relationships

Life's Meta is a narrative-driven video game where you, the most advanced Android in history, have the task of learning about feelings and emotions by interacting with other humans.
The feelings discovered through these relationships can be minted and turned into unique NFTs that will alter how other characters and stories develop and even unlock new hidden content to explore.

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