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Logic Traces

Project attributes

  • Game
  • Genre (Game)
  • Arcade (Genre)
  • Art-based (Genre)
  • Puzzle (Genre)
  • Strategy (Genre)
  • Market segment (Game)
  • Casual (Market segment)
  • Family (Market segment)
  • Kids (Market segment)
  • Platform (Game)
  • Android (Platform)
  • Browser/Flash/HTML5 (Platform)
  • iOS (Platform)

Logic Traces, a game for iOS/Android is a perfect mix of Sudoku and Flow.

More than 1M downloads.

Logic Traces is a fun and challenging logic puzzle game with a nice and minimalist interface with easy controls.
It's easy enough at the beginning, but of course the larger boards create more complications. The premise is really simple. Each puzzle consist of a blank grid where you will find some cells with colorful rhombs with a number inside.

Made with Unity

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