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Logo from BIG Festival 2022
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Rockhead Studios

@ BIG Festival 2022 (In-person & online)

Logo for Rockhead Studios

Rockhead Studios is the company behind Starlit Adventures, a game with 14+ million mobile players worldwide and 2+ million players on PS4. Starlit Adventures is also a franchise of games, comic books, animated TV series and licensing.

Looking for: partnerships to produce new content based on the Starlit Adventures' universe and channels to distribute these products worldwide. Other games include: Starlit On Wheels (racing/online) and Starlit Archery Club (puzzle/shooter).

Rockhead Studios was founded in 2011 by two industry veterans with 40+ years of combined experience. In 1996, they founded Southlogic Studios, one of the largest game studios in Latin America, sold for Ubisoft in 2009 after having released dozens of international hits.

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