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2.35 Digital

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2.35 Digital, is a specialized laboratory in digital processes for postproduction and image finalize. Working with two of the most important and talented artists in color correction and finishing in Latin America, with expertise in various visual contents such as feature films, documentaries, series, TV movies and advertising.

Our digital lab seizes and exploits all the advantages that technology provides nowadays, using the latest tools and formats for digital cinema to gain and achieve the highest standards in quality and definition. In addition the competitiveness, commitment, dedication and personalized treatment of our artists in every project, makes2.35 Digital your best choice.

Our lab is in the capacity of taking the DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE process to its full extension, performing conform, color correction and finishing in 4K and UHD. Providing postproduction assessment, guidance and supervision on set, dailies and data management workflows.

  • Pretty contact email: fakeemail@bigfestival.com.br
  • Phone number: (XX) XXXXX-XXXX
  • Website: https://www.2-35.tv
  • Country: Colombia

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