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Hell's Fable - The Dungeons of Azura

Project attributes

  • Game
  • Genre (Game)
  • Action/adventure (Genre)
  • Fighting (Genre)
  • RPG (Genre)
  • Strategy (Genre)
  • Market segment (Game)
  • Mid-core (Market segment)
  • Platform (Game)
  • Nintendo (Platform)
  • PC/Steam (Platform)
  • Playstation (Platform)
  • XBox (Platform)
  • Other (Platform)

Hell's Fable is a roguelike autobattler with RPG elements, inspired by games such as Autochess (gameplay) and Slay the Spire (roguelike progression). Descend in layers of hellish scenery and defeat the fallen angel Azura, stopping his elvish deeds.

Our main goal is to provide a short and high quality experience for players already familiar with the ascending autobattler genre through a 4 hour challenging single player dungeon.

To be released late 2020, the game is its early stages and it is being developed at Unreal Engine. Our next go is to have a playable demo to be shown Gamescom digital.

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