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Logo from BIG Festival 2021

Mix, The Forgotten

Project attributes

  • Game
  • Genre (Game)
  • Puzzle (Genre)
  • Market segment (Game)
  • Mid-core (Market segment)
  • Platform (Game)
  • PC/Steam (Platform)

A game about overcoming loss, set in a dimension of forgotten items that become self aware and/or the strangest building materials to travel and fight. You play as Mix, a lost item that helps others find their way home. In this world the main objective is to move forward, for this you'll need to build structures, weapons and tools that let you overcome different obstacles in an interconnected puzzle adventure world map. This game is an experiment on simplicity on controls without losing complexity in gameplay. The game only allows users to: Move, Grab, Throw Stuff and Jump Into Stuff. With these actions the player will interact with NPCs, build structures and weapons; and of course fight his way through the Lost Dimension. Weapons and tools are built on grids of different sizes. Battles are fought in floating platforms that have their own building grids and are based on bullet hell games, where your goal is throwing down your opponents while avoiding their attacks.

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