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Project attributes

  • Game
  • Genre (Game)
  • Action (Genre)
  • Arcade (Genre)
  • Plataformer (Genre)
  • Puzzle (Genre)
  • Film

"The memories of an old lady have been lost. Her only friend, a cat, who hasn’t left her house for years, must venture outside their walls to find them"

An adventure 2D video game with elements of stealth and puzzle progression with a strong emphasis on storytelling and worldbuilding. The player plays with “Luna”, a female cat, who has lost her old human friend, who escaped from her home losing her memories. Luna’s search for her friend’s memories will also reveal the history of "Ruins Valparaíso”, a third world port city in a future where humans abandoned that city, leaving the elderly, who lived in its periphery, abandoned to their own luck.The present raises mysteries and questions
What happened with the humans? Did they really disappeared? What kind of society did they had? Why did they leave the city? Did the Old Lady go with them?...

Developing for: Xbox, Nintendo Switch & PC
Stage: Production
Looking for: Fund & Publisher

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