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Endless Chase

Project attributes

  • Game
  • Genre (Game)
  • Action (Genre)
  • Alternate reality (Genre)
  • Shooter (Genre)
  • Platform (Game)
  • Nintendo / Switch (Platform)
  • Playstation (Platform)
  • Steam (Platform)
  • XBox (Platform)

We invite you to experience a 3D time travel game with realistic graphics, where each Era is represented by a different punk world with history and lore based on Chaos Theory.

Lead our hero through the Eras while fighting enemies, enabling powers, and being guided by Eon, guardian of space-time, to eliminate the tyrant Kodai no Yokan who wants to decay, modify, and dominate the Multiverse to one's heart's content.

Start your journey in Steampunk, progress to Cyberpunk, and evolve in the Nanopunk world, trying to find a way to fix your time machine using energy crystals obtained throughout the game. But beware, the Hunters will hunt you down, and you will have to face the challenges that each world imposes on you.

Confront the villain Kodai in frenetic combat, use your best skills, and combine powers to defeat him.

But is that enough?

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