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Flux Games is a leading professional game studio in Brazil. We are the minds behind unique gory-funny fighter GUTS, party have-a-blast Get Over Here, mind-bending 3D puzzle Trenga, cool quick paced Oswaldo Tapping Card Game and over 70 other projects - between original IPs and our partners’ creations.

We have worked with awesome IPs such as The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games, and done business with game and non game companies such as Starbreeze, 505 Games, Wildcard Games, McDonalds, Libredia Games, Spill Games, RedBull, Braskem, Bradesco and even brazilian NGOs.

With global quality processes and workflows, we are not your regular outsourcing studio: we only develop full SKUs, meaning high quality, fun games for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, IOS, and Web browsers.

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