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Logo from BIG Festival 2023
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Projects at BIG Festival 2023

Available projects: 997

Logo for Zombie8 Check product


This is a mobile shooter game consisting in a soldier that must defeat an increasing number of zombies.

Logo for Magic Punk Check product

Magic Punk

This is a mobile roguelite shooter game in a fantasy sci-fi world where 9 interchangeable characters with magical powers combat creatures in order to reconquer a lost planet.

Logo for Coralium Check product


3D third-person action-adventure with combat and metroidvania’s nonlinear gameplay elements.
Coralium is an ocean spirit with the shape of a fish; this fish has to solve puzzles to find polyps (ba...

Logo for a pet shop after dark Check product

a pet shop after dark

Water the plants, feed the pets, and DON'T turn off the lights.

a pet shop after dark is a horror point-and-click adventure game where you've taken on an odd job at a little pet shop. The owner ...

Logo for A YEAR OF SPRINGS Check product


Three women, three stories, three springs.

Experience the stories of Haru, Erika, and Manami in A YEAR OF SPRINGS, a visual novel trilogy about a trio of friends navigating their feelings of lo...

Logo for RUNGORE: Beginner Experience Check product

RUNGORE: Beginner Experience

Card game mechanics - check. Real time battles - check. Silly humor - check. If this isn't the game of your dreams i don't know what is (Also we have hidden memes everywhere lol)

Logo for Chloe Puzzle Game Check product

Chloe Puzzle Game

"This charming pixel art puzzle game features adorable visuals across 72 puzzles, with each puzzle boasting its own unique logic that will put players' wits to the test. Every puzzle features a n...

Logo for Nine Witches: Family Disruption Check product

Nine Witches: Family Disruption

When an occult German WW2 division releases an ancient curse upon the world, a supernatural problem is going to require a supernatural solution. Take control of two playable heroes as they embark o...

Logo for Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness Check product

Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness

In 1921 the famous Vlad Circus caught fire in a catastrophe that left hundreds of deaths. The owner's brother was found guilty and executed in the electric chair. Following the tragedy, the circus ...

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