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Alexandre Chaves

'Cafundo Creative Studio'

Independent game developer, I am a graduated Game Designer with more than 6 years of experience in the Brazil game industry. In 2015, after releasing a short platform game called MoooN, I created SpaceGiraff3, a game brand to group all my game concepts. One of many games created by SpaceGiraff3 was Trago, a multiple end narrative game about a guy that goes every day to the pub to drink some shots. Unfortunately, he will face a terrible destiny. In 2017, in partnership with Cafundó Studio, my game project Tetragon received aport from Ancine (the Brazilian Audiovisual Agency). Tetragon is a puzzle adventure game that uses rotation gravity and level ground manipulation to create gameplay full of challenges. I was the Game Designer, Director and Producer from my game, managing a team full of talented artists and programmers.

My sessions

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